B&B Headquarters



B&B Construction is bringing new life to Oporto Madrid Boulevard. The company is revitalizing the old Dodd Roofing & Magic City Plumbing building which were constructed in 1954. 


For nearly 20 years, B&B has operated as a bouqtiue construction company that works primarily on home restoration and remodeling projects in the Birmingham area and surrounding communities.


Owner Vance Ballard made the decision to relocate, because he saw an opportunity to move his business closer to his current clientele, which includes the Avondale,  Crestline, Forrest Park, Highlands, Homewood, Mountain Brook, and Vestavia communities. Most importantly, Ballard wanted to endear his business to the Birmingham community and champion its history. What better place to relocate than to the once-booming, now historical Brown Springs area.“I saw big pieces of property in an underdeveloped area that is up and coming,” said Ballard. “Revitalization is catching fire". Ballard took one look at the building, and knew that this is where his new office was meant to be. "Oporto is justa hidden gem that needs a little polishing to shine again" thought Ballard. He purchased the space from its original owners, D.Z. & Pearl Roach.


Business development leaders are excited to hear about B&B’s arrival and described Oporto as one of the “parenthesis,” or furthest ends of the revitalization movement. Downtown Birmingham being the other parenthesis, and together, these areas enclose much of the redevelopment that is happening in areas like Woodlawn, Glen Iris, Avondale and Lakeview.